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    SRX3600 and SRX5400 Services Gateways Air Deflector Kit Description

    Optional air deflector kits are available that let you install the SRX3600 and SRX5400 Services Gateways in a ventilation environment with designated hot and cold aisles. These kits convert the services gateway from side-to-side ventilation to front-to-back ventilation, by directing ventilation with cold air to enter from the front and warm exhaust to exit from the back. The air deflector kits contain no fans, so they require no additional electrical power.

    Note: The air deflector kit must be installed along with the services gateways. It cannot be installed if the services gateway is already installed on the rack.

    The air deflector kit consists of four main components:

    • Top plenum
    • Bottom plenum
    • Right plenum
    • Left plenum

    The top and bottom plenums are identical to each other, as are the right and left plenums or side plenums. See Figure 1 and Table 1 for the list of components that comprise the air deflector kit.

    Figure 1: Components of the Air Deflector Kit

    Components of the Air Deflector

    Table 1: Air Deflector Kit Components




    Two side plenums (one for right and one for left)

    2 and 4

    Top plenum and bottom plenum


    Rear mounting brackets


    Perforated screens

    6 (for SRX3600 Services Gateway), and

    7 (for SRX5400 Services Gateway)

    Mounting brackets (deeper) supplied with the air deflector kit for the services gateways

    Air flow in the air deflector kit is from front to rear, and the orientation of the top and bottom plenums is critical to ensure air intake happens from the front and exhausts through the rear.

    The plenums are installed above and below the services gateway to direct intake air from the air space in front of the services gateway into the side plenum mounted on the intake side of the device. The intake air plenum directs air into the services gateway, and the exhaust air plenum directs the exhaust air to the opposite side of the device. The exhaust plenum directs the exhausted air into the exhaust plenum above the unit, where it is expelled into the air space behind the services gateway.

    Published: 2015-04-02