Technical Documentation

SRX 210 Services Gateway Built-In Components

Table 1 provides the information on built-in hardware components available on the SRX 210 services gateway.

Table 1: SRX 210 Services Gateway Built-In Hardware Components

Hardware Component






The MIPS64 processor has dual-core System On a Chip (SOC) processors based on the MIPS architecture.

Runs JUNOS software that provides the routing engine and forwarding plane functionality.


Fixed Random Access Memory (RAM)

512 MB

  • Stores an image of the JUNOS software.
  • Stores the running configuration file, the routing table, other tables (built by the device after it starts up), and the packet buffer.

Boot devices

Boot flash

4 MB

  • The services gateway boots from flash memory.
  • The u-boot loader functionality is supported on boot flash memory.

NAND flash

1 GB

  • Stores the JUNOS operating system.
  • Provides secondary storage for the services gateway.