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T4000 TXP-LCC-3D SIB Description


Figure 1 shows a TXP-LCC-3D SIB (model number SIB-TXP-3D-LCC) that is required to connect a T4000 line card chassis (LCC) to TXP-F13-3D SIBs in a TX Matrix Plus router. See TX Matrix Plus Router Hardware Guide.

Figure 1: TXP-LCC-3D SIB

Each TXP-LCC-3D SIB consists of the following components:

  • Eight ports labeled 0 through 7. Each port has a CBL and LINK LED.

  • Switch fabric ASICs.

  • High-speed links to each FPC.

  • SIB online/offline button, located on the SIB faceplate. The button is to signal a removal request by a user.

  • Three LEDs—OK, FAIL, and ACTIVE—located on the SIB faceplate that display the status of the TXP-LCC-3D SIB. The OK and FAIL LEDs are replicated on the craft interface.