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Time Zone and System Time for the SRX650 Services Gateway

You define the time zone for the location where you plan to operate the SRX650 services gateway by using a designation that consists of the following information for the location:

  • Name of the continent or ocean—For example, America or Pacific.
  • Name of the major city or other geographic feature in the time zone—For example, Boston or Azores.

A Network Time Protocol (NTP) server provides accurate time across a network. The services gateway synchronizes the system time with the NTP server and periodically accesses the NTP server to maintain the correct time.

The time zone and system time must be accurate so that the services gateway schedules events and operations as expected.

For Common Criteria compliance, you must configure NTP to provide accurate timestamps for system log messages. For more information, see the Secure Configuration Guide for Common Criteria and JUNOS-FIPS.

Updated: 2009-04-23

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