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SRX650 Services Gateway Features and Functions


The SRX650 Services Gateway provides the following features:

  • Symmetric Multiprocessing (SMP)-based data forwarding.

  • Hardware-based control and data plane separation.

  • Four on-board 10/100/1000Base-T Gigabit Ethernet ports.

  • A Services and Routing Engine (SRE) with 2 GB DRAM memory configuration, which contains the management ports (console and USB) for the services gateway.

  • Support for dual AC and DC power supplies with a redundant configuration in the chassis. The AC and DC power supplies are hot-swappable. The following power supplies are supported:

    • 645 W AC power supply with or without Power over Ethernet (PoE) support

    • 645 W DC power supply with or without PoE support

  • Support for 2 GB CompactFlash (CF) storage devices. The SRE contains a hot-pluggable CF storage device used to upload and download files, and the chassis contains a CF storage device used to store the operating system. The services gateway supports the following CF storage devices:

    • STEC 2 GB

    • Wintec 2 GB

  • Junos support for advanced security and routing services on the SRE.

  • The SRX650 Services Gateway supports Gigabit-Backplane Physical Interface Modules (GPIMs). For more details about the supported GPIMs, see the SRX Series Services Gateway for the Branch Physical Interface Modules Hardware Guide.