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Operating and Positioning the MX480 SCB Ejectors

  • When removing or inserting an SCB, ensure that the SCBs or blank panels in adjacent slots are fully inserted to avoid hitting them with the ejector handles. The ejector handles require that all adjacent components be completely inserted so the ejector handles do not hit them, which could result in damage.

  • The ejector handles rotate. After you install an SCB, ensure that the ejectors are positioned horizontally and do not block any other components or the LEDs. To avoid blocking the visibility of the LEDs, position the ejectors over the PARK icon.

  • To insert or remove the SCB, slide the ejector across the SCB horizontally, rotate it, and slide it again another quarter of a turn. Turn the ejector again and repeat as necessary. Utilize the indexing feature to maximize leverage and to avoid hitting any adjacent components.


    To unseat the SCB, rotate the ejector handles simultaneously counterclockwise. To seat the SCB, grasp both ejector handles, and rotate them simultaneously clockwise until the SCB is fully seated. See Replacing an MX480 SCB.

  • Operate both ejector handles simultaneously. The insertion force on an SCB is too great for one ejector.