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    Basic Router Component Monitoring Method

    Figure 1 shows the basic method you use to monitor router hardware components.

    Figure 1: Basic Method for Monitoring Router Components

    Basic Method for
Monitoring Router Components

    You should routinely monitor the status of all Juniper Networks routers running on the network.

    The Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) network manager software running on a network management system (NMS) in the network operations center (NOC) discovers, polls, and exchanges network management information with the Junos OS SNMP agent running on Juniper Networks routers. The SNMP network manager software collects information about router connectivity, operation, and events.

    The SNMP agent responds to requests for information and controls access to its Management Information Bases (MIBs). The MIBs define all objects that can be managed on the router via SNMP. The Junos OS chassis MIB provides environmental monitoring information on the router and its components. MIB objects represent each component and the status of the components.

    A trap is generated and reported to the SNMP manager software when a significant event occurs on the router, such as an error or failure. When a trap occurs, you can log in to that router to get specific operational status information about the problem; for more information, see Check the Router Component Status and Gather Component Alarm Information. Verify the problem and fix it if possible; for more information, see Verify the Component Problem and Fix the Problem. If you cannot verify or fix the problem, contact the Juniper Networks Technical Assistance Center (JTAC) for more advanced analysis and troubleshooting, and return the component once failure is verified; for more information, see Contact JTAC and Return the Failed Component.

    Published: 2012-08-20