Technical Documentation

T640 Two-Input 160-A DC Power Supply Load Sharing and Fault Tolerance

When the router is operating normally and both power supplies in a redundant power system are switched on, load sharing between them occurs automatically. When one power supply fails or is turned off, the other power supply immediately assumes the entire electrical load for the system. A single power supply with both inputs active can provide full power for as long as the router is operational. Table 1 describes the behavior of the two-input 160-A power supply and router if one of the inputs fails.

Table 1: Fault Tolerance

RedundancyFault Tolerance When One Input Fails or Is Disconnected

Nonredundant power supplies

If either input fails, the router shuts down.

Note: We recommend that you install redundant power supplies.

Redundant power supplies

If either input on one power supply fails, the other power supply assumes the electrical load for both inputs. If one of the inputs on the other power supply is not functional, the router shuts down.

Note: When a power supply or input fails or is disconnected, the blue DC OK blinks, indicating that the power supply is not functioning normally.

Published: 2009-11-11