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MX960 Power System Overview


The MX960 router uses either AC or DC power supplies. The MX960 router is configurable with three or four normal-capacity AC power supplies, up to four high-capacity DC power supplies, and up to four high-capacity AC power supplies. The power supplies connect to the midplane, which distributes the different output voltages produced by the power supplies to the router components, depending on their voltage requirements.


The router cannot be powered from AC and DC power supplies simultaneously. The first type of power supply detected by the router when initially powered on determines the type of power supply allowed by the router. All installed power supplies of the other type are disabled by the router. If you install a power supply of the other type while the router is operating, the router disables the power supply and generates an alarm.

All power supplies are hot-removable and hot-insertable. Each power supply is cooled by its own internal cooling system.

Unlike systems with previous MX960 AC supplies, the systems with MX Series high-capacity power supplies are zoned. No current sharing between power supplies is needed with the upgraded system because the redundancy changes from 3+1 per system to 1+1 per zone. For MX960 AC configurations, two zones are present. Two adjacent power supplies need to be installed in the chassis with two feeds attached.


Two AC power cables are required when installing the high-capacity AC power supplies.


Routers configured with DC power supplies are shipped with a blank panel installed over the power distribution modules. Routers configured with AC power supplies have no blank panel.


When upgrading to enhanced power supplies, always upgrade power supplies in adjacent slots.