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M120 AC Power Supply Description


In the AC power configuration, the router contains two AC power supplies (see Figure 1), located vertically at the rear of the chassis in slots PEM0 through PEM1 (left to right). Each AC power supply provides power to all components in the router. When two power supplies are present, they share power almost equally within a fully populated system.

Two AC power supplies provide full power redundancy. If one power supply fails or is removed, the remaining power supply instantly assumes the entire electrical load without interruption. One power supply provides the maximum configuration with full power for as long as the router is operational.

Each AC power supply has two AC appliance inlets. Each requires a dedicated AC power feed. For 100-120 VAC, both inlets are used and the bottom inlet cover must be removed prior to installation. For 200-240 VAC, only the top inlet is used.

Figure 1: M120 AC Power Supply
M120 AC Power Supply