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    M40e Router Power Supplies

    The M40e router uses either AC or DC power. Two load-sharing, pass-through power supplies are located at the bottom rear of the chassis. Figure 1 shows the M40e router power supplies and where they are installed in the chassis.

    When the power supplies are installed and operational, they automatically share the electrical load. If a power supply stops functioning for any reason, the remaining power supplies instantly begin providing all the power the router needs for normal functioning, and can provide full power indefinitely.

    Note: Mixing AC and DC power supplies is not supported and prevents the router from booting. If two power supplies are installed, they must be either both AC or both DC.

    • A circuit breaker box must be installed on a DC-powered router, while a circuit breaker is incorporated into each AC power supply. Converting the router from AC to DC power or vice versa involves removing or installing the circuit breaker box. Only authorized service personnel should perform the conversion; this manual does not include instructions.
    • When two power supplies are installed, at least one Routing Engine and one FPC must also be installed for both power supplies to power on. In the absence of this minimum load, only one power supply starts. (The router powers on and operates correctly with one power supply, but without the redundancy benefit of having a second power supply installed.)

    Figure 1: M40e Router Power Supplies

    M40e Router Power Supplies

    Published: 2012-08-20