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T320 PIC Description


PICs provide the physical connection to various network media types, receiving incoming packets from the network and transmitting outgoing packets to the network. During this process, each PIC performs framing and line-speed signaling for its media type. Before transmitting outgoing data packets, the PICs encapsulate the packets received from the FPCs. Each PIC is equipped with an ASIC that performs control functions specific to the media type of that PIC.

PICs are hot-removable and hot-insertable. You can install up to two or four PICs into the slots in each FPC. PICs used in a Type 1 FPC or Type 2 FPC have captive screws at their upper and lower corners. Type 3 PICs have an upper ejector handle and a lower captive screw.

The router supports various PICs, including ATM, Channelized, Gigabit Ethernet, IP Services, and SONET/SDH interfaces.

Blank PICs resemble other PICs but do not provide any physical connection or activity. When a slot is not occupied by a PIC, you must insert a blank PIC to fill the empty slot and ensure proper cooling of the system.