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NPCs for the SRX1400 Services Gateway


The SRX1400 Services Gateway is not normally equipped with a Network Processing Card (NPC). In most configurations, network processing functions are performed by the Network and Services Processing Card (NSPC). However, you can install an NPC in the front-panel slot labeled 3 if you also install a Services Processing Card (SPC) in the slot labeled 1. This combination of SPC and NPC replaces the full-width NSPC that is normally installed in the SRX1400 Services Gateway to perform both services processing and network processing functions.

NPCs are common form-factor module (CFM) cards that receive inbound traffic from the I/O cards (IOCs) and direct it to the appropriate SPC for services processing. Once services processing is complete, the NPC receives outbound traffic from the SPC(s) and directs it back to the appropriate IOC or SYSIOC. Additionally, the NPC performs the following functions:

  • Buffers incoming traffic and queues outgoing traffic.

  • Performs advanced traffic management, including denial of service/distributed denial of service (DoS/DDoS) protective measures. For example, it can drop traffic to or from a particular IP address, protecting the device from Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP), UDP, and TCP SYN flooding, and buffering bursty traffic to protect the SPC.

  • If a CFM slot is not occupied by a card, you must install a blank panel to shield the empty slot and to allow cooling air to circulate properly through the device.

  • The ONLINE button on the NPC does not perform any function and is currently not supported.

Figure 1 shows the NPC that can be used on SRX1400 Services Gateway.

Figure 1: Network Processing Card
Network Processing Card

For detailed information about the NPCs supported by the services gateway, see the SRX1400, SRX3400, and SRX3600 Services Gateway Module Guide   at