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MX2020 Field-Replaceable Units


Field-replaceable units (FRUs) are router components that can be replaced at the customer site (see Table 1). Replacing most FRUs requires minimal router downtime. The router uses the following types of FRUs:

  • Hot-removable and hot-insertable FRUs—You can remove and replace these components without powering off the router or disrupting the routing functions.

  • Hot-pluggable FRUs—You can remove and replace these components without powering off the router, but the routing functions of the system are interrupted when the component is removed.


    Before you replace most host subsystem components, such as the Control Board and Routing Engine (CB-RE), you must take the host subsystem offline. You must power off the Control Board and Routing Engine (CB-RE) before replacing a CompactFlash card or solid-state drive in a Routing Engine.

Table 1 lists the FRUs for the MX2020 router.

Table 1: Field-Replaceable Units

Hot-Removable and Hot-Insertable FRUs

Hot-Pluggable FRUs

  • PSM air filters

  • Air filter (lower)

  • Standard upper cable manager

  • Standard lower cable manager

  • Standard DC cable manager

  • Extended upper cable manager (optional)

  • Extended lower cable manager (optional)

  • Extended DC cable manager (optional)

  • Craft interface

  • Switch Fabric Board (SFB) (if redundant)

  • Backup CB-RE (if redundant)

  • Master CB-RE (if nonstop active routing is configured)

  • Modular Port Concentrators (MPCs)

  • Adapter cards (ADCs)

  • Modular Interface Cards (MICs)

  • AC power supply modules (if redundant)

  • DC power supply modules (if redundant)

  • Fan trays

  • AC power distribution modules (if redundant)

  • DC power distribution modules (if redundant)

    Note: A PDM can be replaced without impacting services. However, you must first disconnect it from power. See the PDM replacement procedures listed in Related Documentation.

  • Control Board and Routing Engine (CB-RE) (nonredundant)

  • Switch Fabric Board (SFB) (nonredundant)