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    MX2020 Switch Fabric Board (SFB) Description

    The MX2020 Switch Fabric Board (SFB) straddles the two backplanes. It has connectors connecting to both backplanes, (see Figure 1). The SFB and SFB2 are exactly the same except that the SFB2 has two PF fabric chips per card whereas SFB has three XF fabric chips per card.

    Figure 1: SFB


    SFB Slots

    The user can install up to eight SFBs in the MX2020 router. The SFBs install vertically into the front of the chassis in the slots labeled 0 through 7. If any slots are empty, you must install a blank panel.

    Caution: If one of the SFBs fails, do not remove the failed SFB until you have a replacement or blank panel to install.

    SFB Redundancy

    Seven of eight SFBs are required for line rate operation. The system can continue operating with fewer than seven SFBs, but forwarding performance will be impacted.

    SFB Components

    Each SFB consists of the following components:

    • PCIe control of three XF ASICs
    • I2C bus logic interface, used for component management and monitoring of temperature, and voltage
    • Switch fabric—Provides the switching functions for the MPCs
    • Fabric capacity—Supports a 750-Gbps MPC with redundancy and 860-Gbps without redundancy
    • Circuits for chassis management and control
    • Power circuits for the SFB
    • LED—Provide status of the SFB

    Modified: 2017-05-30