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MX Series Interface Module Overview


Juniper Networks MX Series 5G Universal Routing Platforms process incoming and outgoing packets on several different types of interface modules (also known as line cards), including Dense Port Concentrators (DPCs), Flexible Port Concentrators (FPCs) with associated Physical Interface Cards (PICs), Trio Modular Port Concentrators (MPCs) with associated Modular Interface Cards (MICs). FPCs are populated with PICs for various interface types. DPCs and MPCs combine the functions of FPCs and the PICs, and with associated physical interfaces support a variety of interface types. The configuration syntax for each type of line card is the same: type-fpc/pic/port.

Switch Control Boards (MX-SCBs, MX-SCBEs, MX-SCBE2s, and SCB3s) provide full line-rate performance and redundancy without a loss of bandwidth for all MX series routers. Switch Fabric Boards (SFBs) provide increased fabric bandwidth per slot for MX2000 routers. Routing Engines (REs) and Control Boards with Routing Engines (CB-REs) provide the software processes that run Junos OS.