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    JCS1200 Management Module Description

    The management module is a hot-swappable module that you use to configure and manage JCS1200 components. See the JCS1200 Control System Software for information about configuring the management module.

    You can order the JCS1200 platform with one or two hot-swappable management modules. Install the management modules in management module bay 1 and management module bay 2 to provide redundancy.

    Note: When you install a management module into the JCS1200 platform, a management module interposer must be installed into the bay before installing the management module.

    Note: The RE-JCS-1X2400-48G-S Routing Engine requires the enhanced management module (model number MM-E-JCS-S).

    JCS1200 Management Module Components

    Figure 1 shows the input and output connectors on the management module.

    Figure 1: JCS1200 Management Module Input and Output Connectors

    JCS1200 Management
Module Input and Output Connectors

    The management module consists of the following components:

    • Serial connector—Use this connection to configure and manage the JCS1200 components over a serial line through the management module CLI. This connector provides local access to the CLI and any Routing Engine. For example, you can connect a notebook computer to the serial connector and a terminal emulator program to configure the IP addresses, user accounts, and other management settings through the CLI user interface. See the JCS1200 Control System Software for more information.
    • Video connector—The video connector is not supported.
    • Console (Ethernet) connector—Use this connector for a remote Ethernet connection to a network management station on the network.
    • Two USB ports for mouse and keyboard—The USB ports are not supported.
    • Reset button—When you press this button, the blowers operate at full speed while the management module is initializing.

      The reset button provides the following functions:

      • Press and release the reset button to restart the management module.
      • Press and hold the reset button for 8 seconds to restore the management module to factory default settings.
    • LEDs—There are five LEDs on the management module that provide status information about the management module and remote management connection. For more information, see JCS1200 Management Module LEDs.

    Published: 2013-01-30