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M10i Hardware and Interface Alarm Messages


When the Routing Engine detects an alarm condition, it lights the appropriate red or yellow alarm LED on the HCM. The HCM is located on the front of the chassis below the FPC card cage, as shown in M10i Chassis Description.

The circular red alarm LED indicates a critical condition that can result in a system shutdown. The triangular yellow alarm indicates a less severe condition that requires monitoring or maintenance. Both alarms can occur simultaneously. For more information about the alarm LEDs, see M10i HCM Alarm LEDs.

  • Chassis alarms—Indicate a problem with a chassis component such as the cooling system or power supplies.

  • Interface alarms—Indicate a problem with a specific network interface, as described in SONET/SDH Interface Alarm Messages.

    In both tables, the text in the column labeled “CLI Message” appears in the output from the show chassis alarms command.

    Table 1: Chassis Alarm Messages

    Chassis Component

    Alarm Severity

    Alarm Condition


    Hot swapping


    Too many hot-swap interrupts are occurring. This message generally indicates that a hardware component that plugs into the router's midplane from the front is broken.

    Contact technical support. SeeContacting Customer Support for more information.