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    Host Module Overview

    Inspect the host module to ensure that the Routing Engine and Miscellaneous Control Subsystem (MCS) function properly.

    The host module is present on M40e and M160 routers. The host module constructs routing tables, performs system management functions, and generates the SONET/SDH clock signal for SONET/SDH interfaces.

    The host module is comprised of two components: the Routing Engine and the MCS. For a host module to function, both of these components must be installed and operational.

    Figure 1 shows the Routing Engine of the host module.

    Figure 1: Routing Engine

    Routing Engine

    Figure 2 shows the MCS of the host module.

    Figure 2: Miscellaneous Control Subsystem

    Miscellaneous Control Subsystem

    One or two host modules can be installed into the midplane from the rear of the chassis (see Figure 3). The Routing Engine (slot RE0) is below the MCS slot (MCS0), while slot RE1 is above the MCS1 slot. RE0 must use MCS0 and RE1 must use MCS1 or the circuit will not be connected.

    Figure 3: M40e and M160 Router Host Module Location

    M40e and M160
Router Host Module Location

    This chapter provides basic information about monitoring the Routing Engine and the MCS.

    Published: 2012-08-20