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8-Port Serial GPIM Overview


The 8-Port Serial Gigabit-Backplane Physical Interface Module (GPIM) is a hot-swappable network interface card (NIC) that installs in the front slots of the SRX650 and SRX550 Services Gateways to provide physical connections to a WAN. It can be plugged in all the slots of SRX650 and SRX550 Services Gateways. After you install the GPIM in the services gateway, you configure a network interface on the GPIM. It provides higher port density and flexible support for universal serial ports including a wide array of interface options such as synchronous support.


Only the SRX650 Services Gateway supports hot-swappable functionality for GPIMs. The SRX550 Services Gateway does not support hot-swappable functionality for GPIMs.

All the ports of the 8-Port Serial GPIM are connected to two dual stacked 136-pin VHDCI connectors. Custom cables are used to connect from the VHDCI connectors to data terminal equipment (DTE) or data circuit-terminating equipment (DCE). Different cables are required to support different protocols. The protocols that a cable supports are identified using the cable ID. The cables are labeled with a letter (refers to the cable type) and four digits (unique serial numbers for the cables).

Figure 1: 8-Port Serial GPIM Front Panel
8-Port Serial GPIM Front Panel