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8-Port Serial GPIM Key Features


The 8-Port Serial Gigabit-Backplane Physical Interface Module (GPIM) provides the following key features:

  • Autoselection of operational modes based on data terminal equipment (DTE) or data circuit-terminating equipment (DCE) cables

  • Local, remote, and dce-local loopback diagnostics

  • Clock rate from 1.2 KHz to 8 MHz

  • Clocking mode—DCE clock, Internal (Baud) clock, and External (loop) clock

  • Complete configuration and management using the CLI

  • Maximum transmission unit (MTU) values of 1504 bytes (default) and 9192 bytes (maximum)

  • Line encoding for NRZ and NRZI modes

  • Support for Frame Relay, PPP (PAP/CHAP), Cisco-HDLC, MLFR, and MLPPP (with the maximum throughput at 44 Mbps for 64-byte packet).

  • Support for data signal and control signal alarms

  • Support for invert data

  • Support for Serial auto-resync

  • Support for loopback modes (local and remote) and for ignoring control signals

  • Support for receiving SNMP information at each port