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M7i Fixed Interface Card (FIC) Description


The Fixed Interface Card (FIC) is built into the router chassis.

The FIC receives incoming packets from the network and transmits outgoing packets to the network, providing support for Fast Ethernet ports or Gigabit Internet interfaces, depending on which version of the FIC is installed in the router.

The FIC also allows you to view alarm status at a glance and to perform some system control functions, such as taking PICs online and offline.

The FIC is located on the front of the chassis to the left of the Routing Engine and is not a field-replaceable unit (FRU).

Each FIC consists of the following components:

Figure 1: FIC with Fast Ethernet Ports
FIC with Fast Ethernet Ports
Figure 2: FIC with Gigabit Ethernet Port
FIC with Gigabit Ethernet Port