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M10i Fan Tray Description


The fan trays installed along each side of the chassis draw room air into the chassis to maintain an acceptable operating temperature for the Routing Engine, PICs, CFEB or CFEB-E, and other components. The router's cooling system consists of two fan trays, located along the left and right side of the chassis, that provide side-to-side cooling (see Figure 1). They connect directly to the router midplane. Each fan tray is a single unit containing eight individually fault-tolerant fans. If a single fan fails, the remaining fans continue to function indefinitely. For proper airflow, the primary fan tray should be installed in slot 1 (the left slot looking at the chassis from the rear) and must be installed for proper cooling at all times. The redundant fan tray, if present, should be installed in slot 0 on the right. This fan tray provides additional cooling and redundancy.

Figure 1: Airflow Through the Chassis
Airflow Through the Chassis

The fan tray is hot-removable and hot-insertable, as described in M10i Field-Replaceable Units (FRUs). For instructions on replacing it, see Replacing an M10i Fan Tray.


Do not remove both fan trays for more than one minute while the router is operating. The fans are the sole source of cooling, and the router can overheat when they are absent.