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    JCS1200 Fan Module Description

    The JCS1200 platform comes with four hot-swappable fan modules for cooling redundancy. The fan module speeds vary depending on the ambient air temperature within the JCS1200 platform, which is reported by the media tray. If the ambient temperature is 77° F (25° C) or below, the JCS1200 fan modules run at their minimum rotational speed. If the ambient temperature is above 77° F (25° C), the fan modules run faster, increasing their speed as required to control internal JCS1200 platform temperature. Each fan module contains two fans operating as a pair in a series. If one fan fails, the remaining fan runs at full speed and continues to cool the JCS1200 platform. Replace a failed fan module as soon as possible to restore cooling redundancy.

    Note: While the JCS1200 is operating, remove only one fan module at a time. Removing two fan modules might cause the JCS1200 platform to overheat. If you remove two fan modules while the JCS1200 platform is operating, the management module powers off all Routing Engines.

    Published: 2013-01-30