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SRX1400 Services Gateway Cooling System


The cooling system consists of a fan tray containing two fans. These fans keep all services gateway components within the acceptable temperature range.

The SRX1400 Services Gateway also includes an air filter that protects the device from dust entering into the system.

The SRX1400 Services Gateway has one fan tray located in the side of the chassis and can be plugged in from the rear of the chassis.

From the front of the chassis, there is a single air intake on the left side of the services gateway. Air is pushed from the fan tray through the air filter and then to the card cage. The air is exhausted out the right of the system.

Figure 1 SRX1400 Services Gateway fan tray.

Figure 1: SRX1400 Services Gateway Fan Tray
SRX1400 Services Gateway
Fan Tray

The Routing Engine monitors the temperature of the device components. Above an ambient temperature of 30° C to 35° C, the fans operate at full speed. Below 30° C, the fans operate at a reduced speed. If a fan fails or the ambient temperature rises above a threshold, the speed of the other fan is automatically adjusted to keep the temperature within the acceptable range. If the ambient maximum temperature specification is exceeded and the system cannot be adequately cooled, the Routing Engine shuts down the system by disabling output power from each power supply.

The fan tray includes a single LED, which can be used to monitor the fan speed. The fan tray LED indications can be used to detect the condition when the fan-speed has reduced to a safer value, so that fan tray can be removed from the device safely. This LED is controlled by the Routing Engine. The fan tray LED is located on the fan tray, which is visible only when the fan tray door is opened.

The fan-tray faceplate has a single LED to indicate the status of the fans and fan tray (see Table 1).

Table 1: Fan Tray LED


LED Status

Indicated Condition



Fans are running and fan tray is functioning normally. Do not remove the fan tray in this condition.

On Steadily

Fans are not running, and fan tray can be removed safely.

Note: This Fan tray LED lights only when fans are shutdown manually using the CLI FAN . The message FAN confirms that fans are stopped completely.

The Fan Tray LED does not indicate fan failure. The FAN LED available on the System I/O card indicates the fan failure status.


The fan tray LED provides additional safety measures. Even though you can remove the fan tray while the fans are still running, we strongly recommend that you wait until the fan tray LED lights steadily amber (indicating that the fans are not running) before you remove the fan tray.


The fan tray supports hot-swappable functionality. We recommend you to reinstall the fan tray within three minutes; otherwise, the services gateway temperature might exceed the maximum recommended room temperature and the device shuts down automatically in four minutes.