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TX Matrix Control Board (TX-CB) Description


Figure 1 shows the TX-CB.


A TX-CB and a T-CB are not interchangeable.

Figure 1: TX-CB

Each TX-CB consists of the following components:

  • 100-MB Ethernet switch. This switch is used for intermodule communication.

  • PCI bus to the Routing Engines.

  • Switch processor mezzanine board (SPMB).

  • Three LEDs, located on the TX-CB faceplate. These indicate the status of the TX-CB. TX-CB LEDs describes the functions of the TX-CB LEDs.

  • Online/offline button, located on the TX-CB faceplate. This button is nonfunctional.

  • Two configuration switches, located on the TX-CB faceplate.


    The M/S and CHASSIS ID switches on the TX-CB faceplate must always be set to S and 0.

  • Two RJ-45 ports labeled AUX and CIP on the TX-CB faceplate. These ports are not used.