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TX Matrix Plus Control Board Description


You can install up to two Control Boards in the TX Matrix Plus router. Control Boards install into the upper front of the chassis in the slots labeled CB0 and CB1. A Routing Engine installs directly into a slot on each Control Board. The Control Boards can not function if a Routing Engine is not present.

Each Control Board works with the Routing Engine to provide the following control and monitoring functions for the TX Matrix Plus router:

  • Determining Routing Engine mastership

  • Controlling power and reset for the other TX Matrix Plus components

  • Monitoring and controlling fan speed

  • Monitoring system status.

If the TX Matrix Plus router contains a redundant host subsystem, one TXP-CB functions as the master and the other as its backup. If the master fails or is removed, the backup restarts and becomes the master.

The TX Matrix Plus router supports the TXP-CB.