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TX Matrix Switch-Card Chassis (SCC) Description


The TX Matrix SCC is a rigid sheet metal structure that houses all the other system components (see Figure 1 and Figure 2). The chassis measures 44.5 in. (113.0 cm) high, 17.4 in. (44.2 cm) wide, and 31.4 in. (79.8 cm) deep. The chassis installs into standard 19-in. equipment racks or telco center-mount racks. One TX Matrix router can be installed into a standard (44-U) rack, if the rack can handle the maximum configuration weight of 495 lb (225 kg).

The chassis includes the following features (see Figure 1 and Figure 2):

  • A pair of metal flanges and a pair of metal brackets used for mounting the chassis in a four-post rack or cabinet or open-frame rack.

  • Upper and lower handles on each side to facilitate positioning the TX Matrix router in the rack. Do not use the handles to lift the TX Matrix router.

  • Two electrostatic discharge points (banana plug receptacles), one on each TX-CIP and one in the rear.


    Before removing or installing components of a TX Matrix router, attach an ESD strap to an ESD point, and place the other end of the strap around your bare wrist. Failure to use an ESD strap could result in damage to the TX Matrix router.

    The TX Matrix router must be connected to earth ground during normal operation.

    Figure 1: Front View of the TX Matrix Router
    Front View of the TX Matrix
    Figure 2: Rear View of the TX Matrix Router
    Rear View of the TX Matrix