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M120 Compact FPCs (CFPCs) Description


A CFPC is a combination of a PIC and an FPC. It contains the interface circuitry and the FPC as a single assembly. The WAN interface enables interconnection directly to SONET transport facilities, eliminating the need for a separate SONET interface device.

The CFPCs install vertically in wo slots on the left side of the chassis in the front of the router (see Figure 1). The CFPC slots are numbered top to bottom CFPC0 and CFPC1. The CFPC slots feature a smaller form factor than the Type 1, 2, and 3 FPC slots, to provide higher density for M120 10-gigabit interfaces.

Figure 1: FPC and CFPCs Installed in an M120 Router Chassis
FPC and CFPCs Installed in
an M120 Router Chassis

Two CFPCs are available for the M120 router: a 10-Gigabit Ethernet CFPC and an OC192 CFPC. Each CFPC is rated at 10 Gbps full duplex. Both CFPCs provide receptacles for XFP optical transceivers. Each CFPC weighs approximately 2 lbs. (0.9 kg.) You can install any combination of CFPC types. Figure 2 shows the Ethernet 10GBase XFP CFPC.

Figure 2: Ethernet 10GBASE XFP CFPC for the M120 Router
Ethernet 10GBASE XFP
CFPC for the M120 Router

CFPC Components

Both CFPC types consist of the following components:

  • CFPC card carrier.

  • Midplane connectors and power circuitry.

  • Processor subsystem, which includes a 667-MHz CPU, system controller, 128 MB of SDRAM, and two Fast Ethernet links to the Control Board.

  • Crosspoint switches for redundancy.

  • A metal bracket that enhances airflow and serves as a guide for removing and installing the CFPC.

  • An LED located on the CFPC faceplate that displays the status of the CFPC.

The 10-Gigabit Ethernet CFPC also contains the following components:

  • S2H FPGA—Bridge between HSL2 and one SPI-4.2 interface.

  • 10GE MAC interface circuitry.

  • XFP optical transceiver (LAN/WAN PHY).

The OC192 CFPC also contains the following components:

  • H2H FPGA—Bridge between HSLA and HSL1 interface.

  • Juniper Networks D4P framer.

  • XFP optical transceiver.