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TX Matrix Cable Management System Description


The cable management system consists of the comb panel assembly and the cable shelf assembly.

Figure 1 shows the TX Matrix cable management system.

Figure 1: Cable Management System
Cable Management System

The comb panel assembly, which installs immediately above the TX-SIBs, consists of five combs—one comb above each TX-SIB. Each comb contains four teeth to organize and provide strain relief to the four fiber-optic array cables connected to the TX-SIB immediately below it. The fiber-optic array cables extend through the top of the cable comb so that you can route the cables to the T640 routers.

The cable shelf assembly routes and supports the fiber-optic array cables over the top of the TX Matrix router (see Figure 2). The cable shelf assembly consists of four parallel shelves. Each shelf is used to route five fiber-optic array cables—and potentially a sixth spare cable—destined for a T640 router.


We recommend that you use the cable shelf assembly to maintain the fiber-optic array cable bend radius.

Figure 2: Cable Shelf Assembly
Cable Shelf Assembly