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T4000 Cable Management System


The front cable management system (see Figure 1) consists of a row of nine semicircular plastic bobbins mounted on the front of the router below the FPC card cage. The PIC cables pass between the bobbins and into the tray, keeping the cables organized and securely in place. The curvature of the bobbins also helps maintain the proper bend radius for optical PIC cables.

You can pull the front cable management system up and outward to lock it into the maintenance position. This allows you to access the lower fan tray and the front air filter.

Figure 1: Front Cable Management System
Front Cable Management System

For T4000 routers connected to a TX Matrix Plus router, you can use the optional rear cable management system (model number CBL-MGR-TXP-3D-LCC) to organize, support, and provide strain relief for the cables connected to the TXP-LCC-3D SIBs and the cables connected to the LCC-CBs. The rear cable management system consists of one cable management arm. The cables are routed to the left side of the T4000 router, and then toward the top of the chassis, where you can route the cables to the TX Matrix Plus router. The cable management system adds 9.5 in. (24.1 cm) to the depth of the T4000 chassis, and 2.4 in. (6.2 cm) to the left side of the chassis.

The LCC rear cable management system can be used for any configuration including, TXP-T1600 configuration, TXP-T1600-3D configuration, TXP-T4000-3D configuration, and TXP-Mixed-LCC-3D configuration.

See the TX Matrix Plus Router Hardware Guide for instructions on installing and using the T4000 rear cable management system.