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M320 Cable Management System Description


The cable management system (see Figure 1) consists of a row of nine semicircular plastic bobbins mounted on the front of the router below the FPC card cage. The PIC cables pass between the bobbins and into the tray, keeping the cables organized and securely in place. The curvature of the bobbins also helps maintain the proper bend radius for optical PIC cables.

You can pull the cable management system up and outward to lock it into the maintenance position. This allows you to access the lower fan tray and the front air filter.

Figure 1: Cable Management System
Cable Management System

The router; ships with an accessory box that contains four cable guards—two upper and two lower—that you can install on the front-mounting flanges of the chassis after you have mounted the chassis in a rack or cabinet. The cable guards protect the PIC and CIP cables from rubbing against the front edges of the chassis.

Included with your router shipment is a clear plastic cable cover that you can attach to slots in the cable guards without using tools. The cable cover prevents the PIC and CIP cables from being disturbed or snagged.

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