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SRX100 Services Gateway Built-In Interfaces


Table 1 summarizes the interface ports supported on the SRX100 Services Gateway.

Table 1: SRX100 Services Gateway Built-In Hardware Interfaces

Interface Type



Fast Ethernet

The Fast Ethernet ports:

  • Consist of eight fixed ports

  • Are labeled as port 0/0 to port 0/7 on the front panel

  • Provide link speeds of 10/100 Mbps

  • Operate in full-duplex and half-duplex modes

  • Support flow control

  • Support autonegotiation

  • Support autosensing

The Fast Ethernet ports can be used:

  • To provide LAN connectivity to hubs, switches, local servers, and workstations.

  • To forward incoming data packets to the device.

  • To receive outgoing data packets from the device.

Universal Serial Bus (USB)

The USB port:

  • Consists of one port

  • Supports the following modes:

    • Full speed

    • High speed

  • Complies with USB revision 2.0

The USB port can be used:

  • To support a USB storage device that functions as a secondary boot device in case of internal flash failure on startup, if the USB storage device is installed and configured

    Note: You must install and configure the USB storage device on the USB port to use it as secondary boot device. Additionally, the USB device must have Junos installed.

  • To provide the USB interfaces that are used to communicate with many types of Juniper-supported USB storage devices


The console port:

  • Consists of one port

  • Uses an RJ-45 serial cable connector

  • Supports the RS-232 (EIA-232) standard

The console port can be used:

  • To provide the console interface.

  • To function as a management port to log into a device directly.

  • To configure the device using the CLI.


The Reset Config button is used to remove the current configuration and reset the device to the default configuration.

The button is recessed in the front panel to prevent it from being pressed accidentally.


Pressing and holding the Reset Config button for 15 seconds or more deletes all configurations on the device and loads and commits the factory configuration.