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Installing Licenses for the AX411 Access Point on the SRX Series Device


You can connect and use up to two AX411 Access Points on the services gateway without obtaining an access point license. To connect more than two access points, you must obtain an access point license and install it on the services gateway. You obtain access point licenses from your Juniper Networks representative or reseller.

Licenses are available for two access points. The licenses are cumulative; for example, if you have a services gateway that comes with support for two access points and you install a two-access-point license (SKU AX411-2), you can configure and manage up to four access points.

Licenses are delivered in the form of a text file containing a block of alphanumeric data, as shown in the following example:

The following two procedures describe how to install an access point license key using the CLI and the J-Web interface. For more information about managing licenses, see the Junos OS Administration Guide.

With the Command-Line Interface

  1. Open the file containing the license in a text editor and copy the text of the license onto the clipboard.
  2. If you have not already done so, establish a console connection with the SRX Series Services Gateway as described in the hardware guide for the services gateway, and log into the CLI.
  3. At the CLI prompt, enter:
  4. When prompted, type or paste the license text.
  5. Press Ctrl+D.
  6. Commit your changes:

With the J-Web Interface

  1. Start the J-Web interface by browsing to the IP address of the management interface on the services gateway.
  2. Choose Maintain > Licenses to navigate to the License page.
  3. In the Installed Licenses area, click Add to open the Add Licenses window.
  4. In the License Key Text box, type or paste the license text.
  5. Click OK.