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SRX110 Services Gateway 3G USB Modem Key Features


The 3G USB modem provides the following key features:

  • Onboard Subscriber Identity Module (SIM)—All GSM cards have an onboard SIM. The service provider populates this SIM with the subscriber service parameters.

  • Unlocking support—You can unlock GSM USB modems from the Junos OS CLI. If the SIM is locked, you need to unlock it before making a call.


    Only GSM cards support locking and unlocking of the SIM.

  • Interface support—The 3G USB modem interface supports the IP-over-PPP interface from the network through the wireless link.

  • Dial-out support—The dialer interface can place calls and has multiple features such as dial-backup, dialer-watchlist, and dialer-filter. The dialer interface can use the 3G USB modem to support the dial-out feature.


    The 3G USB modem does not support the dial-in feature.

  • Card information availability—You can use CLI commands to obtain information about a 3G USB modem, such as type, version, wireless status, and user profiles.

  • Security:

    • PIN lock support—GSM cards support PIN lock, which prevents unauthorized access and use of the wireless account.

    • SIM card lock/unlock—You can use CLI request commands to lock or unlock the SIM card.

    • PIN code storage option—You can store the PIN code you provide in the services gateway configuration so that the SIM can be unlocked without the need for user intervention every time the device is rebooted or reset.


      Currently, all GSM cards support PIN-protected SIMs.