Configuring LLDP-MED (NSM Procedure)

Link Layer Discovery Protocol Media Endpoint Discovery (LLDP-MED) is an extension of LLDP. An EX Series switch uses LLDP-MED to support device discovery of VoIP telephones and to create location databases for these telephone locations for emergency services. The location information configured is used during emergency calls to identify the location of the LLDP-MED device.

To configure LLDP-MED:

  1. In the navigation tree, select Device Manager > Devices. In Device Manager, select the device for which you want to configure a port mirror analyzer.
  2. In the configuration tree, expand Protocols > LLDP-MED.
  3. Add/modify LLDP—MED settings as specified in Table 62.

Note: After you make changes to a device configuration, you must push that updated device configuration to the physical security device for those changes to take effect. You can update multiple devices at one time. See Updating Devices for more information.

Table 62: LLDP—MED Configuration Fields



Your Action


Specifies whether LLDP must be disabled on the port.

Click to select the option.

Fast Start

Specifies the frequency at which LLDP-MED advertisements are sent from the switch in the first second after it has detected an LLDP-MED device.

Select a value.


Specifies LLDP—MED settings for the interface.

  1. Select the interface.
  2. Select Disable if LLDP—MED settings must be disabled on a specific interface.