Configuring IGMP (NSM Procedure)

Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) is an Internet protocol that provides a way for an IP host to report its multicast group membership to adjacent devices. This feature enables you to associate the IGMP with an interface and allocate it to a multicast group.

To configure IGMP in NSM:

  1. In the navigation tree select Device Manager > Devices .
  2. In the Devices list, double click the device to select it.
  3. Click the Configuration tab.
  4. In the configuration tree, expand Protocols and select IGMP.
  5. Add/Modify the parameters as specified in Table 59.
  6. Click one:
    • OK—To save the changes.
    • Cancel—To cancel the modifications.
    • Apply — To apply the protocol settings.

Note: After you make changes to a device configuration, you must push that updated device configuration to the physical security device for those changes to take effect. You can update multiple devices at one time. See Updating Devices for more information.

Table 59: IGMP Configuration Fields



Your Action




Specifies the comment for IGMP.

Enter a comment.

Query Interval

Defines how often the device sends general host-query messages. .

Select the query interval.

Query Response Interval

Defines how long the query router/switch waits to receive a response to a host-query message from a host.

Enter the query response interval.

Query Last Member Interval

Defines how often the device sends group-specific query messages.

Enter the query last member interval.

Robust Count

Defines the number of intervals the device waits before removing a multicast group from the multicast forwarding table.

Select the robust count.


Specifies whether accounting is enabled for IGMP.

Select to enable accounting.


Specifies the interface and the multicast group that has to be associated with IGMP.

  1. Expand the IGMP tree and select Interfaces.
  2. Click the New button or select an interface and click Edit button.
  3. Select Disable to disable IGMP on the interface.
  4. Select the version.
  5. Specify the Ssm Map.
  6. You can enable Immediate Leave and Promiscuous Mode.
  7. You can enable accounting on the interface.
  8. Select the option Interface > Static to configure the multicast group to be associated with the interface.


Defines trace options for IGMP .

  1. Expand IGMP tree and select Traceoptions.
  2. Enter a comment for traceoptions.
  3. Expand the Traceoptions tree, select File and set up the file parameters.
  4. In the Traceoptions tree select Flag and set up or edit the file parameters.