Monitoring Chassis Information


Use the monitoring functionality to view chassis properties such as general switch information, temperature and fan status, and resource information for the QFX Series.


To view chassis properties in the J-Web interface, select Monitor > System View > Chassis Information.

To view chassis properties in the CLI, enter the following commands:


Table 27 gives information about the key output fields for chassis information.

Note: For a QFX3500 switch, the FPC slot number refers to the switch itself and is always 0.

Table 27: Summary of the Key Output Fields for Chassis Information



Routing Engine Details

Select the Master tab to view details about the master Routing Engine or select Backup to view details about the backup Routing Engine.


This table displays the following details of the master Routing Engine:

  • Routing Engine module
  • Model
  • Version
  • Part number
  • Serial number
  • Memory utilization
  • Temperature
  • Start time
  • CPU load average for 1, 5, and 15 minutes

Power and Fan Tray Details


Select the Power tab to view details of the power supplies.


Displays the status and model number of each power supply.


Select the Fan tab to view details about the fans.


Displays the status of each fan in the corresponding FPC.

Chassis Component Details

Select component

Select an FPC to view General, Temperature, Resource, and Sub-component details.


Select the General tab to view the general information about the chassis components.


Displays general information:

  • Version—Revision level. Supply the version number when reporting hardware problems to customer support.
  • Part Number
  • Serial Number—Supply the serial number when contacting customer support about the switch chassis.
  • Description—Brief text description.


Select the Temperature tab to view the temperature details of the components in the selected FPC.


Displays the temperature details of the sensors present in the selected FPC.


Select the Resource tab to view the resource details of the selected FPC.


Displays resource details:

  • State:
    • Dead—Held in reset because of errors.
    • Diag—The FPC is running diagnostics.
    • Dormant—Held in reset.
    • Empty—No FPC is present.
    • Online—The FPC is online and running.
    • Probed—Probe is complete. The FPC is awaiting restart of the Packet Forwarding Engine (PFE).
    • Probe-wait—The FPC is waiting for the probe operation to start.
  • Total CPU DRAM—Total DRAM, in megabytes, available to the FPC.
  • Start time—Date and time the switch was last rebooted.

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