Monitoring System Properties


Use the monitoring functionality to view system properties such as the name, IP address, and and resource usage information for the QFX Series.


To monitor system properties in the J-Web interface, select Monitor > System View > System Information.

To monitor system properties in the CLI, enter the following commands:


Table 26 summarizes key output fields in the system properties display.

Table 26: Summary of Key System Properties Output Fields



Additional Information

General Information

Serial Number

Serial number for the switch.


Junos OS Version

Version of Junos OS active on the switch, including whether the software is for domestic or export use.

Export software is for use outside of the U.S. and Canada.


Name of switch.


IP Address

IP address of the switch.


Loopback Address

Loopback address.


Domain Name Server

Address of the domain name server.


Time Zone

Time zone on the switch.


Current Time

Current system time, in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).


System Booted Time

Date and time when the switch was last booted and how long it has been running.


Protocol Started Time

Date and time when the switching protocols were last started and how long they have been running.


Last Configured Time

Date and time when a configuration was last committed. This field also shows the name of the user who issued the last commit command, through either the J-Web interface or the CLI.


Load Average

CPU load average for 1, 5, and 15 minutes.

Storage Media

Internal Flash Memory

Memory usage details of internal flash.


External Flash Memory

Usage details of external flash memory.

Logged in Users Details


Username of any user logged in to the switching platform.



Terminal through which the user is logged in.



System from which the user has logged in. A hyphen indicates that the user is logged in through the console.


Login Time

Time when the user logged in.

This is the LOGIN@ field in show system users command output.

Idle Time

How long the user has been idle.


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