Understanding Alarm Types and Severity Levels on the QFX Series

Before monitoring alarms on the switch, be familiar with the terms defined in Table 7.

Table 7: Alarm Terms




Signal alerting you to conditions that might prevent normal operation. On a switch, the alarm signal is the yellow ALARM LED lit on the front of the chassis.

alarm condition

Failure event that triggers an alarm.

alarm severity

Seriousness of the alarm. The level of severity can be either major (red) or minor (yellow).

chassis alarm

Predefined alarm triggered by a physical condition on the switch such as a power supply failure, excessive component temperature, or media failure.

system alarm

Predefined alarm triggered by a missing rescue configuration or failure to install a license for a licensed software feature.

Alarm Types

The QFX Series supports these alarms:

Alarm Severity Levels

Alarms on Juniper Networks QFX Series have two severity levels:

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