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Monitoring PoE




This topic applies only to the J-Web Application package.

J-Web Application package Release 14.1X53-A2 does not support Power over Ethernet (PoE) on EX4600 switches.

Use the monitoring functionality to view real-time data of the power consumed by each PoE interface, and to enable and configure telemetry values. When telemetry is enabled, the software measures the power consumed by each interface and stores the data for future reference.


If you are configuring a Virtual Chassis, the PoE monitoring option is displayed if any member of the Virtual Chassis supports PoE, even if the Virtual Chassis master does not support PoE.


To monitor PoE by using the J-Web interface, select Monitor > Power over Ethernet.

To monitor PoE power consumption with CLI commands in the CLI Terminal in the J-Web interface:

  1. Select Troubleshoot > CLI Terminal.
  2. Type any of the following CLI commands:
    • show poe controller

    • show poe interface

    • show poe telemetries

For detailed information about using these CLI commands to monitor PoE power consumption, see Monitoring PoE Power Consumption (CLI Procedure).


In the J-Web interface the PoE Monitoring screen is divided into two parts. The top half of the screen displays real-time data of the power consumed by each PoE-capable interface and a list of ports that utilize maximum power.

Select a particular interface to view a graph of the power consumed by the selected interface.

The bottom half of the screen displays telemetry information for interfaces. The Telemetry Status field displays whether telemetry has been enabled on the interface. Click the Show Graph button to view a graph of the telemetries. The graph can be based on power or voltage. To modify telemetry values, click Edit. Specify Interval in minutes, Duration in hours, and select Log Telemetries to enable telemetry on the selected interface.