Table of Contents

The J-Web Interface
The J-Web Interface Overview
The J-Web Interface for the QFX Series Overview
Understanding the J-Web Interface Sessions
The J-Web Interface Dashboard for the QFX Series
System Information Panel
Health Status Panel
Capacity Utilization Panel
Alarms Panel
Chassis Viewer
Configuring the J-Web Interface Dashboard
Understanding the J-Web Interface Configuration Tools
Understanding Alarm Types and Severity Levels on the QFX Series
Using the Commit Options to Commit Configuration Changes
Configuring the QFX Series Using the J-Web Interface
The J-Web Interface Configuration Tools
Starting a J-Web Interface Session
Using the CLI Viewer to View Configuration Text
Using the CLI Editor to Edit Configuration Text
Using the CLI Terminal
Configuring Interfaces
Configuring Gigabit and 10-Gigabit Ethernet Interfaces
Configuring Aggregated Ethernet Interfaces
Configuring Ethernet Switching
Configuring VLANs for the QFX Series
Configuring Spanning-Tree Protocols
Configuring Routing Policy and Packet Filtering
Configuring Firewall Filters
Configuring Static Routing
Configuring System Properties
Configuring System Identity
Configuring Management Access
Managing Users
Generating SSL Certificates
Configuring the Date and Time
Configuring Services
Configuring DHCP Services
Monitoring the Switch Using the J-Web Interface
Monitoring Interfaces
Monitoring Interface Status and Traffic
Monitoring System Properties
Monitoring System Properties
Monitoring Chassis Information
Monitoring System Process Information
Monitoring Routing Protocols
Monitoring Routing Information
Running Maintenance Tasks
Uploading a Configuration File
Managing Configuration Files Through the Configuration History
Displaying Configuration History
Displaying Users Editing the Configuration
Comparing Configuration Files
Downloading a Configuration File
Loading a Previous Configuration File
Setting or Deleting the Rescue Configuration
Installing Software on the QFX Series
Installing Software Upgrades from a Server
Installing Software Upgrades by Uploading Files
Rebooting or Halting the QFX Series
Managing Log, Temporary, and Crash Files on the Switch
Cleaning Up Files
Downloading Files
Deleting Files
Generating Support Information Reports for the QFX Series
Troubleshooting the QFX Series
Monitoring Hosts Using the Ping Host Tool
Monitoring Network Traffic Using Traceroute
Monitoring Switch Control Traffic