Displaying Basic Connectivity Configurations for the SRX650 Services Gateway

To verify that the SRX650 Services Gateway has the settings you configured, you should display the basic connectivity configurations. Because the basic connectivity settings appear in different places in the configuration hierarchy, displaying the entire configuration at once makes viewing the settings easier.

To display and verify the basic connectivity settings, select Configure>System Properties>System Identity. Alternatively, from configuration mode in the CLI, enter the show command. Review the following sample output. Your output displays the values you set.

[edit]user@host# showsystem {host-name devicea;domain-name lab.device.net;domain-search [ lab.device.net device.net ];time-zone America/Boston;root-authentication {ssh-rsa "ssh-rsa AAAAB3Nza...D9Y2gXF9ac==root@devicea.lab.device.net";}name-server {;}services {}ntp { server; }}interfaces {ge-0/0/0 {unit 0 {family inet {address;}}}lo0 {unit 0 {family inet {address;address {primary; }} family iso {address 47.0005.80ff.f800.0000.0108.0001.0102.5407.1012.00;}} family inet6 { address abcd::10:254:71:12/128 { primary;}}}

The output shows a basic connectivity configuration. Verify that the values displayed are correct for your services gateway.

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