Resetting the SRX650 Services Gateway

Use the RESET CONFIG button to return the services gateway to either the rescue configuration or the factory default configuration. The button is recessed to prevent it from being pressed accidentally. To press this button, insert a small probe (such as a straightened paper clip) into the pinhole on the SRE on the back panel of the chassis (see SRX650 Services Gateway Services and Routing Engine 6).

For example, if someone inadvertently commits a configuration that denies management access to a services gateway, you can delete the invalid configuration and replace it with a rescue configuration by pressing the RESET CONFIG button. You must have previously set the rescue configuration through J-Web or the CLI. The rescue configuration is a previously committed, valid configuration.

Caution: Pressing and holding the RESET CONFIG button for 15 seconds or more—until the STATUS LED blinks red—deletes all configurations on the services gateway, including the backup configurations and rescue configuration, and loads and commits the factory configuration.

There are two types of reset:

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