Powering Off the SRX650 Services Gateway

To power off the services gateway, press and release the Power button on the front of the services gateway. The services gateway begins gracefully shutting down the operating system, the Services and Routing Engine (SRE) and any Gigabit-Backplane Physical Interface Modules (GPIMs), and then powers itself off.

To remove power completely from the services gateway, unplug the AC power cord or DC power supply cable.

After powering off a power supply, wait at least 60 seconds before turning it back on. After powering on a power supply, wait at least 10 seconds before turning it off.

If the system is completely powered off when you turn on the power supply, the services gateway starts as the power supply completes its startup sequence. If the services gateway finishes starting and you need to power off the system again, first issue the request system halt CLI command.

After a power supply is turned on, it can take up to 60 seconds for status indicators—such as the POWER LED (on the front panel of the chassis) and the show chassis command display—to indicate that the power supply is functioning normally. Ignore error indicators that appear during the first 60 seconds.

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