Listing the SRX650 Services Gateway Component Details with the CLI

Before contacting Juniper Networks to request a Return Materials Authorization (RMA), you must find the serial number on the SRX650 Services Gateway or component.

To list all of the SRX650 Services Gateway components and their serial numbers, enter the following command-line interface (CLI) command:

user@host> show chassis hardware
Hardware inventory:
Item Version Part number Serial number Description
Chassis AJ2608AE0013 SRX650
Midplane REV 02 710-023875 AJ2608AE0013 
System IO REV 01 710-023209 SRXSME System IO
Routing Engine RE-SRXSME-SRE3
PIC 0 4x GE Base PIC

Note: In the show chassis hardware command, the Gigabit-Backplane Physical Interface Module (GPIM) slot number is reported as an FPC number, and the GPIM number (always 0) is reported as the PIC number.

Most components also have a serial number ID label attached to the component body.

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