DC Power Source Cabling for the SRX5800 Services Gateway

Figure 89 shows a typical DC source cabling arrangement.

Figure 89: Typical DC Source Cabling to the Services Gateway

Image g030204.gif

The DC power supplies in slots PEM0 and PEM1 must be powered by dedicated power feeds derived from feed A, and the DC power supplies in slots PEM2 and PEM3 must be powered by dedicated power feeds derived from feed B. This configuration provides the commonly deployed A/B feed redundancy for the system.

Caution: You must ensure that power connections maintain the proper polarity. The power source cables might be labeled (+) and (–) to indicate their polarity. There is no standard color coding for DC power cables. The color coding used by the external DC power source at your site determines the color coding for the leads on the power cables that attach to the terminal studs on each power supply.

Warning: For field-wiring connections, use copper conductors only.

Caution: Power cords and cables must not block access to device components or drape where people could trip on them.

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