SRX5800 Services Gateway Rack Size and Strength Requirements

The size, strength, and location of the rack must accommodate the services gateway's weight and external dimensions. The location of the rack must allow for the clearance requirements specified in Clearance Requirements for SRX5800 Services Gateway Airflow and Hardware Maintenance.

The chassis is 17.37 in. (44.11 cm) wide. The services gateway is designed for installation in a standard 19-in. rack, as defined in Cabinets, Racks, Panels, and Associated Equipment (document number EIA-310-D) published by the Electronics Industry Association ( The spacing of the holes between the left and right front-mounting flanges and center-mounting brackets is 18.31 in (465 mm) apart. However, the inner edge of the rack rails must allow sufficient space for the width of the chassis.

With the use of adapters or approved wing devices to narrow the opening between the rails, the services gateway can fit into a 600-mm-wide rack, as defined in the four-part Equipment Engineering (EE); European telecommunications standard for equipment practice (document numbers ETS 300 119-1 through 119-4) published by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (

Observe these guidelines:

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