Moving the Mounting Brackets for Center-Mounting the SRX5600 Services Gateway

Two removable mounting brackets are attached to the mounting holes closest to the front of the chassis. You can move the pair of brackets to another position on the side of the chassis for center-mounting the services gateway.

To move the mounting brackets from the front of the chassis toward the center of the chassis:

  1. Remove the three screws at the top and center of the bracket.
  2. Pull the top of the bracket slightly away from the chassis. The bottom of the bracket contains a tab that inserts into a slot in the chassis.
  3. Pull the bracket away from the chassis so that the tab is removed from the chassis slot.
  4. Insert the bracket tab into the slot in the bottom center of the chassis.
  5. Align the bracket with the two mounting holes located toward the top center of the chassis.

    There is no mounting hole in the center of the chassis that corresponds to the hole in the center of the bracket.

  6. Insert the two screws at the top of the bracket and tighten each partially.

    Two screws are needed for mounting the bracket on the center of the chassis. You do not need the third screw.

  7. Tighten the two screws completely.
  8. Repeat the procedure for the other bracket.

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