Overview of Installing the SRX5600 Services Gateway

To install the SRX5600 Services Gateway:

  1. Prepare your installation site as described in Site Preparation Checklist for the SRX5600 Services Gateway.
  2. Review the safety guidelines explained in SRX5600 Services Gateway General Safety Guidelines and Warnings .
  3. Unpack the services gateway and verify the parts.
    1. Unpacking the SRX5600 Services Gateway
    2. Verifying the SRX5600 Services Gateway Parts Received
  4. Install the mounting hardware as described in Installing the SRX5600 Services Gateway Mounting Hardware for a Rack or Cabinet.
  5. Lift the services gateway on to the rack. Because of the weight of the services gateway, we recommend that you use a mechanical lift.
  6. Connect cables to the network and external devices.
  7. Connect the grounding cable as described in Grounding the SRX5600 Services Gateway .
  8. Connect the AC power cord or DC power cables:
  9. Power on the services gateway:
  10. Perform the initial system configuration as described in Initially Configuring the SRX5600 Services Gateway.

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